Set Your Study Apart

Our Concierge Site Services promote optimal site operations while generating new referrals


We believe that a study succeeds or fails in the smallest details at the site level. In an increasingly complex network of vendors, our team of RP Experts provide a motivated central point of contact for sites and a trusted ear to the ground for sponsors. We look and listen for unmet needs that limit the enrollment and retention of participants. Through introductory and follow-up site visits with the site’s recruitment stakeholders, we map the unique recruitment “obstacle course” each site encounters. We then develop a plan to overcome hurdles and maximize advantages.


Based on specific plan established for each site, we relentlessly follow all sponsor-approved activities through satisfactory resolution. Activities may include coordinating resources for dedicated staff to perform specific activities, establishing physician referrals, or organizing events with strategic care community and civil society organizations. Our priority is to keep activities on track and identify unresolved or newly emerged issues quickly. By staying in close contact with key study staff focused on recruitment, we provide the sponsor with a granular understanding of progress.


We engage our RP Care Community Network and develop tailored community-level partnerships to identify potential research participants. We provide introductions and guidance on how to discus the research, including exploring how a trial aligns with community stakeholders’ mission. Beyond opening the door to new referral sources, we assist in execution of site activities with community organizations. Our assessment of site capacity is done concurrently with referral source generation activities to ensure the site can efficiently process new leads.