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We can help clients overcome challenges by delivering a robust and efficient patient recruitment process.


Recruitment Partners LLC (RP) believes that a study succeeds or fails in the smallest details at the site level. In an increasingly complex network of vendors, our team of RP Experts provide a motivated central point of contact for sites and a trusted ear to the ground for sponsors. We look and listen for unmet needs that limit the enrollment and retention of participants. Through introductory and follow-up site visits, we develop relationships with the principal investigator and study staff that are different than—but complementary to—the typical relationship between sites and a CRO, monitor or sponsor. Based on structured interviews and observations, we derive new insights, present innovative solutions and detail action items in a comprehensive report delivered to the sponsor.


RP relentlessly follows all sponsor-approved activities through resolution satisfactory for our site and sponsor partners. Activities may include coordinating resources for dedicated staff to perform specific activities, establishing new referral sources, organizing events with strategic care community and civil society organizations, and facilitating improved transportation logistics. By staying in close contact with key study staff focused on recruitment, RP provides an independent report of daily issues encountered by the sites. This allows Recruitment Partners to follow-up on unresolved or newly emerged issues and provide the sponsor with a granular understanding of all activities occurring at the site.


RP maps community-level partnerships to refer relevant patient populations to local trial sites. Successful recruitment into research — especially at prodromal or early stages of the disease — can be greatly improved through strategic community engagement. RP provides introductions and guidance in the modi cation, preparation, and distribution of materials and events, including exploring how trials align with community stakeholders’ interests and motivations. Additionally, RP develops site networks customized for patient and protocol requirements. We up-skill and contract with healthcare professionals to build quali ed staff and clinical trial capacity in nursing homes, assisted, independent living facilities and adult day services to overcome logistical and access challenges common to traditional research sites.


 "SO APPRECIATE YOU GUYS!! You have literally saved this project!"

John Hobday, Healthcare Interactive


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