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October 2021 Newsletter

Recruitment Partners at NADSA

Adult day services nurses and staff are deeply trusted care partners to families taking care of persons with AD and have been among RP’s key partners in inviting more participation in clinical trials.      
Recruitment Partners’ Mike Splaine, Jennifer Vasconcellos, and Kate Gille will be in attendance and look forward to the conference!

NADSA will be held October 14-16th. To learn more, visit here.

Effect of Methylphenidate on Apathy in Patients with Alzheimer Disease

Recruitment Partners’ Managing Partner Dr. Jacobo Mintzer along with colleagues have published the study: “Effect of Methylphenidate on Apathy in Patients With Alzheimer Disease” ​in JAMA Neurology. The study examined whether methylphenidate can decrease apathy in individuals with Alzheimer disease​ (AD). Apathy is one of the most prevalent neuropsychiatric symptoms in individuals with A​D. Persons with AD who also show symptoms of apathy, can have a higher risk for excess disability, increased medical costs, and mortality. Further, their caregivers often suffer from additional caregiver burden and significant stress. A reduction in apathy can improve the overall quality of life for persons with AD and their caregivers. This study found methylphenidate to be a safe and efficacious medication to use in the treatment of apathy in Alzheimer disease.
Access the full study here.

Race, Ethnicity, and Dementia

September 15 – October 15th is National Hispanic American Heritage Month. We recognize that while caregiving can be stressful for anyone, the Latinx caregiver community can face unique challenges as caregivers. This article provides insights into Latinx caregivers and some of cultural influences to caregiving. The article also identifies areas where support can be given to Hispanic/Latinx caregivers through respite, financial assistance, and mental health services.
Learn more here.

The Black Doctor Who Helped Decode AD

We would like to celebrate Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller who was a pioneer and leader in Alzheimer’s disease research. Dr. Fuller is too often underappreciated or even unknown for his significant contributions to neurology and Alzheimer’s research.
He was one of five research assistants selected by Alois Alzheimer to work in his laboratory and he published the first comprehensive review of Alzheimer’s disease. To learn more about Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller visit here.

Do you have caregivers of persons with AD in your network that may benefit from participating in positive emotion research? CLICK HERE  to view the LEAF Study flyer or visit the study website.


You or your loved one may be eligible to participate in the UCSD Alzheimer’s Disease Research Study. Recruitment Partners in partnership with the UCSD research team is currently enrolling people with Alzheimer’s Disease between the ages of 50 – 83 who live in the San Diego area.  Study participants will receive memantine, an FDA approved treatment for AD free of cost. Participants will receive compensation for their time. Transportation to and from the study site is available free of cost. If you are interested in the study, please take this quick survey to see if this study is right for you. To learn more, CLICK HERE to view the UCSD Study flyer.

Young People Celebrate Their Loved Ones with Dementia

Seth Rogan and wife Lauren Miller from Hilarity for Charity congratulate the high school and college student winners whose photos and essays depict their lived experiences with loved ones with dementia. See their touching, heartfelt, and insightful work here.

What’s Happening in the Alzheimer’s Field?

Grants for Alzheimer’s Research

Buck Institute in Marin County gets $14.3M grant to help fight against Alzheimer’s. The Institute will examine the role of a cell that roams through the body and can lead to inflammation with the aim to identify potential therapies in ADRD. Learn more here.

Engineering Professor Wins $2.7M Grant for Alzheimer’s Research. The research aims to develop models that predict the progression of tau tangles in the brain using AI and machine learning to advance understanding of AD. Learn more here.

Both grants are funded by the NIH’s National Institute on Aging.

Silicon Valley Leaders Raise Funds and Awareness for Alzheimer’s Research

Business and tech leaders, celebrities and philanthropists will come together October 16th for the Alzheimer’s Association Part the Cloud Gala to raise funds and awareness for cutting-edge Alzheimer’s research. The mission of the Gala is to fund Alzheimer’s research with the highest probability of slowing, stopping or ultimately curing Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information on Part the Cloud and its impact, visit here.

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