Recruitment Partners: December 2019 Newsletter

New report on “Sandwich Caregivers”

Over 11 million Americans are caring for both a child at home and an adult family member due to health needs or disability.  This “forgotten generation” was the subject of a recent report, Burning the Candle at Both Ends: Sandwich Generation Caregiving in the U.S. The report hopes to shed light on the heightened stress of duel caregiving and to provide a framework for lawmakers to acknowledge caregiver needs and put support programs in place.

To access the full report, click here

Persistence pays off for cystic fibrosis (CF) researchers

Like Alzheimer’s research, cystic fibrosis had not seen advancement in medical treatment in several years until this October when the FDA approved a 3-drug combination therapy called TRIKAFTA. This therapy can potentially benefit up to 90% of those with the disease, with patients taking the drug reporting relief of symptoms within the first day of treatment. This success is the result of continued persistence by advocates, patients, families, and scientists, and is a reminder that with a continued commitment, we too can reach successful treatments for Alzheimer’s and other associated dementias. 

Read more about TRIKAFTA here.

What’s Happening in the Alzheimer’s Field?

The connection between mental and physical health

A recent survey published by University of Michigan revealed that while many adults believe that they are likely to develop dementia, they do not understand the connection between mental health and physical health. Respondents who had taken steps to improve and/or protect their brain health often use unproven methods such as supplements and crossword puzzles, as opposed to proven methods like regular exercise and improved diet. Read more about the study in the Chicago Tribune here.

Treating a silent symptom of dementia: Depression

As a cure for Alzheimer’s and other associated dementias continues to allude researchers, funds are increasingly being appropriated to the treatment of dementia symptoms.  Depression is a common symptom of mild to severe cognitive impairment that often goes untreated. The New York Times dives into the effects of depression and the research being conducted to offset it. Read The New York Times article here.

How waste is ‘washed’ from your brain

For the first time, researchers have been able to observe the wave-like movement of cerebrospinal fluid in and out of the brain during sleep.  The waves allow the brain to clear out the “trash,” potentially toxic proteins that can buildup and impair neuron function.  While the findings shed new light on healthy brain function, it also raises many more questions that will guide future research. Read more about the recent study here

Who We Are & What We Do

Recruitment Partners’ mission is to increase education & access to Alzheimer’s research. We recognize the importance of partnering with the individual’s care providers to meaningfully and successfully engage them in research.

We have experience working with adult day health centers & long term care communities to help individuals with AD and their caregivers learn more about the research available in their community, and build a bridge for participation.

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