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How You Can Help Fight Alzheimer’s Disease
Bill Gate’s recent blog post focuses on the difficulty finding a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease. He highlights finding enough participants as critical to advancing needed medical studies with barriers ranging from diagnosing the disease to awareness of available studies to the requirements of the study itself. Gates includes information on several projects he has supported, including the documentary Turning Point:The Quest for a Cure. Gates ends with a call to action to get involved, citing several great resources for finding clinical trials like The National Institute on Aging tool for finding AD and related dementia trials.

Read Bill Gate’s blog post here.

Turningpoint movie
Turning Point Documentary Sheds Light on the Importance of Research Studies
The race to find treatments has seen setbacks in recent years, prompting the medical and scientific community to question their answers about the underlying mechanisms of the disease.
In his documentary Turning Point, acclaimed filmmaker and director James Keach follows a team of dedicated scientists on the front lines of Alzheimer’s research. He captures the raw disappointment and renewed hope of those working to find a cure for this disease, which affects roughly 5.7 million Americans, or 1 in 10 adult Americans over the age of 65. To watch the trailer and learn more about the film, click here.

Want to schedule a screening for your community? Contact the Turning Point team at for more information.

Check out currently scheduled screenings and RSVP to
1. 11/06/19: Renstar Medical Research – Ocala, FL
2. 11/08/19: UCLA – Los Angeles, CA
3. 11/15/19: Gerontological Society of America Conference – Austin, TX (Conference event)
4. 11/16/19: Pacific Research Center & UCSD – San Diego, CA (Morning Event)
5. 11/16/19: Pacific Research Center & UCSD – San Diego, CA (Afternoon Event)
6. 11/18/19: Bioclinica Research – Melbourne, FL
7. 11/19/19: Axiom Research & USF – Tampa, FL
8. 11/20/19: Bioclinica Research – The Villages, FL
9. 11/21/19: Bioclinica Research – The Villages, FL
10. 11/22/19: Bioclinica Research – Orlando, FL
11. 01/23/20: JEM Research – West Palm Beach, FL

November is National Family Caregivers Month
Caregiving can be a heavy burden, and this November we give thanks to the people who support their ill and aging family members through assisting with activities of daily living, providing rides to appointments and events, helping coordinate bill payments, and an endless number of other tasks – both big and small. Importantly, researchers are increasingly turning their attention to developing and evaluating resources to help support caregivers in these tasks and to help promote caregiver wellbeing.

Spaces still available for non-paid caregivers in California, Nevada, and Oregon ONLY
If you serve dementia caregivers, we ask you to consider sharing this opportunity directly with potentially eligible caregivers in honor of National Family Caregiver Month. Eligible caregivers are those who:
– Live with an individual diagnosed with dementia
– Have an iPhone
– Have wireless internet in their home
– Are fluent/literate in English
– Live within driving distance to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas or central Oregon only

Caregivers are invited to determine their eligibility by taking a brief online survey at the following link (note: link is case-sensitive):

This study is being conducted by UC Berkeley, with support by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), to evaluate how an in-home technology system helps reduce anxiety and loneliness of dementia caregivers. The technology includes sensors (no voice or video recording) and a tablet, which learn typical patterns and provide caregivers with alerts when worrisome behaviors occur. Additionally, social contact is encourage using a trusted circle of friends and family who are encouraged to stay in contact and share photos/videos with the caregiver via the digital display.

Participation lasts 9 months and involves having the technology professionally installed (at no cost) and taking 4 online surveys about their experience/wellbeing. Participation is free and caregivers are compensated for their time, plus they are invited to keep the technology at the end of the study if they would like. Only the caregiver participates in the research (not the individual with dementia.)

Contact us to request a flyer that you can share with your caregivers. This flyer has been approved by UC Berkeley’s institutional review board (IRB) to be shared with caregivers. The flyer includes contact information should the caregivers have questions, as well as a link to the online screener for caregivers to confirm their eligibility. Based on feedback from other partners sharing this flyer, we would encourage you to direct caregivers to this online screener as the first step if they are interested.

What’s Happening in the Alzheimer’s Field?

Once Doomed Drug May Have a Second Chance
Pharmaceutical manufacturer Biogen will be filling for FDA approval for the experimental AD drug Aducamumab. The announcement comes as a surprise given recent clinical trials for the drug were halted due to independent analysis concluding the drug was unlikely to work. Biogen believes that the decision to stop the trial was premature and based on too small of a data sample. If the drug is approved, it would be the first FDA approved drug therapy for Alzheimer’s in over 15 years.
View a recent CNBC interview with Biogen CEO Michel Vounatsos here.

New Seaweed-based Alzheimer’s Drug Approved in China
The drug, called Oligomate, is a derivative of brown algae and was inspired by the relatively low incidence of AD among people who regularly consume seaweed. The new treatment has received conditional approval for sale in China for mild to moderate AD. However, the drug has yet to make its way to the third phase of testing required for US approval. Shanghai-based pharmaceutical company, Green Valley, hopes to launch a Phase 3 trial in the US and in Europe in early 2020.

Read more information about the drug here.

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