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Get to know the people & places where Recruitment Partners works to support Alzheimer’s research 

Meet Diversified Nurse Consultants (DNC)

Learn more about the collaboration between care community partner Diversified Nurse Consultants (DNC) and the Recruitment Partners (RP) team in this Q&A with DNC’s Tracy Diers, owner, co-founder, and Chief Operating Officer.

How did you learn about RP? 

I ran across their booth when I was attending the National Adult Day Services Association (NADSA) conference for our other company, Peggy’s Place Adult Life Center. I felt that this caregiver intervention went along with our mission and was something we would love to participate in. 

How does partnering with RP tie in with your organization’s mission? How has it made a difference to your organization?

At this time, we have just completed and sent our staff through the New York University Caregiver Intervention (NYUCI) training. We are in the process of preparing how we will manage the referrals during our participation in the one-year trial process as a company. Thus far it has been educational to participate in the training and we are excited about doing our part to help try to ease the caregiver burden and try to find a solution that can work to give the caregivers more help and support.  We have tried caregiver support groups in the past through our companies and found there is very little turn out. We fully understand it is difficult to leave their loved one or find someone to stay with them, and even more challenging to bring their loved one along with them. The NYUCI study is a great way for the caregiver to have something for them, to have support and attention to their needs. We are thrilled to be part of this process.

What does DNC do and whom do they serve?

Diversified Nurse Consultants was founded in 2011 and advocates for the whole person, not just the diagnosis, chronic disease, disability, or the “gaps” in care. Serving aging adults, adults with chronic diseases, & those with disabilities in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois, we work to assess & problem-solve over 300 items aligned with a person’s overall health care & quality of life — including medical, emotional, social, economic, legal, & spiritual domains. We also tend to the needs of caregivers — needs which are often overlooked.

Here’s how I explain DNC’s mission: When it comes to health care and achieving quality of life goals, everyone has unique needs & life situations. One size does not fit all. Because of this we offer various packages & levels of care for emergent & non-emergent situations.

What have you enjoyed most about the partnership with RP?

So far they have been very easy to work with, with very quick response times to any and all questions. The training was informative, and our staff feels rewarded to be part of this exciting project.

What would you say to communities who are considering getting involved in research?

We have all heard about the silver tsunami coming our way, and according to the Family Caregiver Alliance, currently over 43.5 million caregivers are providing unpaid care with an economic value of $470 billion in 2013. And those numbers are climbing rapidly. Nearly one in four caregivers spend on average 41 or more hours a week providing care.

From the article What the Future of Caregiving Looks Like, Ken Dychtwald, founder and CEO of the research & consulting firm AgeWave and a 2016 Next Avenue Influencer in Aging, says this: “Demographically, we’ll be facing hard realities in the next five to 10 years. There’ll be a handful of profound demographic shifts — among them, a boomer generation with fewer children than their parents — that will alter our capacity for caregiving. That will create great need and demand for alternate solutions.”  

So, when thinking about how we can help, we are very drawn to the telehealth option for caregiver support. We also see that will be the reality for a great deal of the care and health needs of the aging population in the future. How great is it that the NYUCI study is already looking to be a part of that solution!

(For information on signing up your care community for the NYUCI study, contact Recruitment Partners today.) 

Thanks, Tracy, for your input and feedback. If you’d like your care community to be featured in a future spotlight profile, we’d love to hear from you! Email us.

There’s Still Time to Support Caregivers Through Telehealth

As a care community provider, you probably know many people who are caring for loved ones with dementia. What if you could offer the gift of free telehealth caregiver support to them? The New York University Caregiver Intervention (NYUCI) study makes it possible! We are still seeking eligible caregivers from Florida, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky to participate.

Learn how you can help caregivers sign up before the end of the year, December 31st, 2018: contact us today.

A Personal Account of Life with Alzheimer’s 

In this moving New York Times piece from Philip S. Gutis, who lives with early onset Alzheimer’s, the nuanced challenges of the disease are made poignantly plain. Says Gutis, “Alzheimer’s will continue to steal from me, and, unless there’s an unlikely medical miracle, nothing is going to stop the creeping loss. Loss of memory. Loss of mobility. Loss of freedom.” But Gutis is not completely without hope, and he participates in clinical trials as a means of staying hopeful through the days that are hardest. He writes, “Happily, I’ve never had a negative reaction to the therapy, and I’ve met many wonderful people working hard to find a treatment for Alzheimer’s.”

Let’s work together to find a treatment & overcome the challenges of Alzheimer’s. Contact us today.

What’s the Current State of Alzheimer’s Research?

Read this cautiously optimistic report in Forbes for the answer, with contributions from a number of the country’s leading biopharmaceutical research companies. According to the piece, the new report (last one was released in 2015) “builds upon past knowledge of Alzheimer’s setbacks as well as victories.” We look forward to partnering with organizations, care communities, and individuals committed to the hope of a future without Alzheimer’s.

Ready to partner with us for a Phase 3 Alzheimer’s Study? 

Let’s talk! We’re currently supporting recruitment for a Phase 3 study of a new treatment for agitation in persons with Alzheimer’s disease. To maintain recruitment momentum, we’re looking for care community partners willing to become a bridge to research by providing eligible residents with information on how they may participate in the study at clinical trial sites in these cities:

  • Rogers, Arkansas
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Toms River, New Jersey
  • New Hyde Park, New York
  • Suwanee, Georgia
  • San Diego, California
  • Glendale, California 
  • Orlando, Florida

Located in these areas or know of care communities that are? Contact us today to learn more.