AAIC>18 in Review 

Thanks to all who stopped by the Recruitment Partners LLC (RP) booth and our poster in Chicago last month! We’re excited about the partnerships and collaborations that will develop from our time and meetings there.

Pictured above: Mike Splaine, Managing Partner of RP, and Erin Beck, Director of Site Recruitment and Management for RP

Watch this highlights reel from the international gathering of the brightest minds in dementia science, and check out the press releases issued during the week.

Update on National Recruitment Strategy for Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials 

During AAIC>18, representatives from the National Institutes on Aging (NIA) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) reported progress on the National Strategy for Recruitment and Participation in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Research. 
Marie A. Bernard, MD, geriatrician and Deputy Director of the NIA, said this of the strategy’s focus and progress: “The national strategy focuses on the fact that all recruitment and participation is local, and that it is a shared responsibility with shared benefits. Fighting Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias depends on us all,” Bernard said. Learn more here.

Gates to Invest $100 Million 

Per this recent Forbes article, Bill Gates has pledged at least $100 million to support the following 5 important strategies in Alzheimer’s research:

-Improving understanding of how Alzheimer’s unfolds
-Improving diagnostics
-Developing outside-the-box approaches to treatment, like tackling the -neurobiology of aging
-Simplifying trial enrollment
-Creating a shared database from those trials

As the article states, the first three goals are on point, however, they believe the final two are “funding a horse without a cart full of people to hitch it to.” Recruitment Partners (RP) actively works towards improving clinical trial recruitment to ensure all funded trials move forward with ample participation. 

Have Patient Recruitment Efforts Gone Too Far?  

A thought-provoking article from Chris Matheus of Matheus BD Connections LLC offers an interesting perspective on the state of affairs as it relates to current excesses in clinical trial recruitment.
Matheus writes: “Getting and keeping patients in a clinical trial increases the speed at which the trial can be conducted, speeding up discovery of which drugs work and thereby reducing pain, disease and suffering. While we acknowledge how important recruiting and retaining a patient in the trial is, there’s a sense that the pendulum may be swinging too far.” Matheus is concerned that, if this pendulum swing continues, burdensome governmental regulations may be added. 
While this article raises interesting points about the extremes, Recruitment Partners (RP) believes that continued attention must be given to making the clinic trial recruitment process patient-centered, given over 70,000 participants are currently needed to fill AD studies.

Mixed Feelings on Eisai-Biogen Announcement from AAIC>18

Perhaps the biggest news at AAIC>18 was related to the Eisai-Biogen announcement of their Phase 2 study. While many articles went out about this development — with headlines that pivoted both positive and negative — we believe this one from Fortune does a good job of capturing the industry’s mixed feelings about it. 

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